Right to Work Campaign

Many people don't realise that asylum seekers aren't allowed to work whilst they're waiting for a decision on their claim, which can take several years to resolve. Rather than being allowed the dignity of working to support themselves and their children, asylum seekers are forced to depend on a separate benefits system, which provides around £5 per day. And many people don't realise that people who've been refused asylum often can't be returned to their country of origin through no fault of their own. For example, if no safe route of return exists. And yet they're not allowed to work to support themselves whilst they wait. The work concession was withdrawn by the then Govenment on 23rd July 2002.  

  • Click 'our members speak' and read testimonies from asylum seekers living across the North East about the impact of not being allowed to work.
  • Or watch the films they've made

We've campaigned actively in support of the national campaign to restore the right to work for asylum seekers if they've waited longer than 6 months for their asylum case to be resolved, or if they've been refused, but temporarily cannot be returned to their country of origin through no fault of their own. Click 'How you can support the campaign' to find out how you can get involved.

We're also a member of the national STILL HUMAN STILL HERE campaign, a coalition of over 50 organisations that are campaigning to end the destitution of thousands of refused asylum seekers in the UK.

We've campaigned in alliance with: