Workshops with agencies

Workshops with agencies

19th May 2011, Stockton: 2nd ‘Big Conversation’ on what works in supporting Refugees to find employment that matches their prior skills or helps them set up business in the region.

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40 participants, including some of our Skilled Project members, used the findings and recommendations that emerged from our 1st Big Conversation event to identify what could be achieved at the level of practice and what needs to be addressed at the wider level of policy within the new roles and remits of planning emerging under localism and commercialisation of services. Participants included personnel from Tees Valley Unlimited (the Local Enterprise Partnership), North East Strategic Migration Partnership, Stocton Borough Council, Jobs Education & Training, Job Centre Plus, North of England Refugee Service, Cfbt (Next Step), NE Public Health Observatory, Refugee Council, Griersons, Adventus Care Ltd, Teesside University, Tees Achieve, Northern TUC, UCOMEDIA, IT ID Ltd, Five Lamps, HM Revenue & Customs, Connexions, Middlesbrough Adult Education, Middlesbrough Volunteering Centre, and Avanta.

Findings from this event will be posted here at the end of June. 

25th January 2011, Newcastle: 1st 'Big Conversation' on what works in supporting Refugees to find employment that allows them to use their prior skills, qualifications and work or business experience here in the region

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48 participants, including some of our Skilled project members, worked to identify identify the actual barriers facing prior skilled refugees, and to draft an ‘Ideal Journey’ of practical steps that could address these specific barriers. Participants included officers from the JCP, Next Step, Gateshead and Newcastle City Councils, NESMP, EHRC, TUC, NHS, PNE, NERS, BECON, JET, Sunderland BME Employment Access Project, Job Linkage and others.

The Refugee Journey to employment relating to their prior skills

The Ideal Journey