Training & Development: About the project



RCOs play a unique and vital role in supporting integration. They work towards securing the social and economic inclusion of their community, promoting equality of opportunity, safety, health and much more.

But for real change to happen it is important to:

  • Know where to go for right support or service
  • Connect to the right people and partners
  • Register your voice at the right platform(s)
  • Be active in achieving influence

     Participatory planning with groups

 Our staff team works directly with our members to assist them to

Secure access to whole range of services and support  available Increase the understanding and skills of service providers, so that they deliver the most appropriate support
Connect to, plan joint actions with, or develop partnerships with other organisation Research the experience of their community and advocate for those needs
Work together with other members on shared issues for greater influence Engage in local and regional policy and planning processes

Please contact Herbert Dirahu, Project Manager This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 01642 232446